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How do I log a Pathtag?

This short video demonstrates how to log a Pathtag.

What are Pathtags?

Pathtags are different than travelers like travel bugs and Geocoins. Typically they are used as trade or signature items. Left behind by the owner to say they were there. You are allowed to 'trade out' for them as long as you log them online. When you log them online the owner gets to see who logged their tags and where that person found the tag and where they are from. So they can see who they "crossed paths with". Once you log a person's tag you can explore the tag's profile and the owner's profile to learn more about the design and also the person you crossed paths with.

You are typically welcome to keep a tag after you have logged it, however if you do not collect Pathtags you are also welcome to return it to the wild though there is no "drop" feature on the website. You simply place it back out in the world somewhere it is likely to be found again.

They are a pretty cool and inexpensive custom signature item with some great online features. If you haven't explored Pathtags yet, check out our website and product tours at




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