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Will I get to review my blueprint before production? Can I ask for corrections if there are problems?

Yes on both accounts! We do not start production on a tag before you have reviewed and marked approval of the production ready artwork, which we call a "blueprint". This art represents EXACTLY how your tag will be produced. Make sure to check it for all design aspects, coloring, and spelling.

If you discover a problem, you can reject the blueprint and provide feedback using the form provided to detail the changes. Be as specific as possible. If you include subjective requests like "make the brown lighter" we will have to respond to ask you to specify a color from a PMS chart. Being very specific helps us to work faster on your behalf.

Note, that some designs changes might not be able to be made due to factory limitations. Tags are the size of a US Quarter, only so much detail is feasible at that scale.

While we are happy to make modifications to correct errors, we do not offer art services. Anything beyond spelling changes, color changes, plating changes, or other very minor modifications will require that you submit a modified original design. If your change is of this nature, you can simply reject the current blueprint with the text "Will send updated artwork" and then submit your updated art piece to

If you need to submit an updated art piece or wish to make notes on the art and email it, please send such updates to

Can I make changes to a tag after I have approved the blueprint?

We can stop an order and request changes after approval. However once you approve the blueprint, any change will incur a fee. The minimum change fee is $50. Be sure to check all colors, design elements, and spelling for errors prior to approving the blueprint. If you are unsure about any element, contact us for clarification prior to submitting approval.

How long does it take to make my tags? How long will I have to wait for the tags?

Starter Kits
Since Starter Kits include the creation and approval of your tag's blueprint and also the creation of your mold for the Pathag, a Starter kit can take longer than a refill.

The tag design can take up to a week to be blueprinted. Once you have given your approval it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive the tags, depending on how busy the factory is at that time.

Refill Kits / Change Requests These are a little faster. Refill kits go straight to production when ordered since they use the same blueprint and mold as previous orders. These take 4-6 weeks but there is no delay for blueprinting.

Change Requests are modifications to a previous design which change the plating used or color scheme of the tag. A new blueprint is created for a Change Request and must be approved, which can add up to a week making delivery 4-7 weeks for Change Requests.

Do you offer special enamels like glitter or glow?

No. We may offer glow from time to time as part of a special offer. We do not plan to offer glitter as an option again. It may still be used on special projects, but will not be an option that is generally available. The design consraints for use of glitter have proven too difficult to manage with user submitted designs and often results in quality issues with the product. As a result, we are no longer able to offer it as an option.

How many tags should I order?

If you are planning on actively trading for other tags your best bet is to order the starter kit (50 tags) plus an extra 100 tags. You will get a discount on that 100 and you will have enough to trade online AND put in caches.

If you are just planning on trading in person or putting tags in caches then you could probably get away with only ordering the starter kit to start and go from there.

I have run out of tags, how do I get more? How much does it cost?

On your "My Page", just click on the design that you want to re-order, then click on "Buy Refill".

The minimum order for a refill is 100 tags and the cost varies from $0.95 to $0.99 per tag depending on the quantity you want.

Information current as of 5/28/2008 - pricing information subject to change

How can I track the progress of my tag order?

Just keep watching your email. You will receive an email when:
1) The blueprint is ready for your approval.
2) When your tags go into production.
3) When your tags have been inspected and shipped.

Where can I learn more about Designing a Pathtag?

There are three general places to get help with designing a tag.

1 - Design It Yourself
Visit our design page to learn more about design tips, design constraints, and for links to our Design Partners. This page will give you some insight into things you need to consider while designing a tag on your own.

2 - Hire a Design Partner or Purchase Ready-Made Designs
On the page linked above is a list of our Design Partners. They are artists that have shown a long standing history of producing great Pathtag designs for their clients. For around $25-$35 a Design Partner will work with you to create a design you can submit. If you're like me and can't draw a stick figure - that's a great deal! Many also have a library of ready-to-go designs which you can purchase and customize for even less.

3 - Get Community Help
The community at is really great. The forums are alive with discussion and many people willing and able to help you with designing a tag. Posting a design there for feedback from community members is a great way to guide your design process. Sometimes you might even find someone willing to give you a design or do a design for you in trade for a few tags when they are done. It's free so YMMV but a really great group of taggers hangs around our forums. They are almost always willing to at least lend some advice and opinions on your design.

What do I get in a Starter Kit?

Starter Kits
Starter kit pricing includes the creation of your custom mold. Pathtags are made like many coins where your design is made into a mold or "die" and then metal blanks are struck to imprint your design. Later, the recessed areas are filled with color enamel as per your production ready blueprint.

A standard Starter Kit includes 50 pathtags, your custom die creation, a velvet storage bag, and 4 clips. Standard pricing includes Shiny Silver plating with other platings available for an upgrade of about $.10 per tag.

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