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How to Change Metal Plating or Colors On An Existing Tag Without A New Starter Kit

You can easily submit an order to change a Pathtag design in any way that does not change the base metal features. These generally consist of:

  • Change in color scheme
  • Change in plating from previous order

To do this, download your existing blueprint from and then mark it up with the color and/or plating changes you would like to have done. Please use PMS colors to label your colors if possible.

Once you have the marked up blueprint, you a ready to place the change order.

  • Log into your account at
  • Visit your My Tags page
  • Click the icon for the tag you wish to change
  • Click the link that says "Change This Tag"
  • You will be brought to a page that looks like a Starter Kit order screen but with a warning at the top.
  • Complete the order form, uploading your marked up blueprint
  • Submit payment
  • We generate a new blueprint for your review, just like when ordering a starter kit
  • Review/approve the blueprint and then we'll get it into production
  • Once approved, production takes about the same amount of time as a refill

There are certain benefits to placing a change order. They come faster than a brand new design. You get more tags for your money.

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